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Mar 28, 2016

Hello!  This is a special week of podcasts in celebration of our upcoming online event, Hormones: A Women's Wellness Summit

You'll be hearing a lot of me, Bridgit Danner, being hosted on the podcasts of my friends.  All these friends are my guests on my upcoming event, Hormones: A Women's Wellness Summit.  

The event is fully free and happens April 11-18, 2016.  We have some fun previews for you as well, so sign up now! The event covers topics that women are asking about, such as PMS, PCOS, fertility, pregnancy nutrition and thyroid disease.  LINK  We would love to have you.

Today I am interviewed on 'Holistically Haute with Rachael Pontillo.'  You can search that phrase to find her show on your podcast player.  Rachael is a super guru when it comes to a holistic approach to your skin.  She will get you looking amazing!

In this interview, she gets to pick my brain about the menstrual cycle and how it can affect our skin, and also how we can fix period problems.  

It's a great interview.  Enjoy! Bridgit

Mar 23, 2016

Before you jump into hormone replacement, or get hooked on mood-altering medications during your perimenopausal years, you need to hear out Maria Claps!

Maria is a health coach and functional medicine practitioner who entered full menopause before 50.  But before that, she had a rough ride in perimenopause.  After not sleeping for three full days, she broke down and saw a holistic medical doctor.  Though she got some relief, she didn't get the careful testing and holistic approach she would have liked.

She went on to become an expert on perimenopause, and now sees, primarily, women ages 45-50 who are complaining of fatigue, low libido, weight gain and low mood.

She developed her approach to hormone health, which she calls the 4 pillars.  These include liver care, adrenal support, blood sugar balancing, and hormone testing.

We talk especially about a test we both like, called the Dried Urine Test of Comprehensive Hormones.  This test can save you a lot of grief!


Listen in, and learn about Maria's approach.

For more on Maria, see:

Her program "Balance Your Hormones, Love Your Life" which starts May 2, 2016

Or pick up her free perimenopause guide:

See Maria's demonstration on homemade kombucha on our youtube channel.

Have you joined our online summit yet?  It's free, and preview event start 3/30! Sign up at Hormones: A Women's Wellness Summit.

Mar 15, 2016

We are pleased to have Evan Brand of Not Just Paleo on the podcast.  Evan is a great educator, and he embraces a 'no BS' approach to health care.  

In college, he got sick and depressed, but learned about nutrition, omega 3 oils, vitamin D and more to improve his health.  He also dropped out of business school (where he wasn't happy) and went to work on park land.  This dedicated, full-time time in nature was very therapeutic for him.

Evan shares that plants emit compounds that benefit our immune system, and how communing with nature lowers and manages our stress.  He teaches about the neurotransmitters that shape our moods, how we self medicate with foods and drink, and how we can break those habits.  He also shares the testing method he uses to observe neurotransmitter activity.

There are lots of other great nuggets in here, such as how Facebook can affect our mood, and how we can get addicted to the rush of modern pleasures, at the expense of our natural mood regulation.


Evan's Podcast, and he highlights episode #44 with Dr. Albert Mensah

Evan's YouTube video on nature and how it benefits us

National Geographic article on benefits of nature and integrating in nature to urban folks

The Mood Cure by Julia Ross

The Diet Cure by Julia Ross

Evan's website, Not Just Paleo, and free consult offer

Evan also appears on our upcoming summit, Hormones: A Women's Wellness Summit. We hope you can just us for this free summit with 35 experts!  Starts April 11, 2016.

the Nature Pyramid

Mar 9, 2016

I really fell for Nikki Warren of Kaia Fit, and I think you will too!  Though she runs a busy business with 58 locations, she is grounded, present and grateful.

Hear how she went from being a pregnant teen, to having her boyfriend die suddenly, to having an infant son with serious health kick-ass mom, wife, athlete and business owner!

Nikki has 4 sisters, and definitely believes in the idea of sisterhood.  The gym she founded with her husband, which now has other business partners, is exclusively for women.


  • Why she thinks working out with other women is important
  • How we can do a quick work-out at home 
  • What 'functional movement' is
  • How we can take first steps to working out
  • Why she thinks variety is important in our workouts
  • How she trains groups of women for triathlons though I Kan Tri 

Nikki and I recorded a short YouTube exercise video here. (She exercises, I just watch!)

Find out more about Kaia Fit here.

See her with her adorable sisters in the above photo and at their group blog, Frank 5 Sisters.

Have you signed up for Hormones: A Women's Wellness Summit yet???  Well, it's time! Event happens free, online April 11-18, 2016.  

Mar 2, 2016

Hello, and a big thank you for listening.  We've had a surge in listeners in the past month, and it's thanks to YOU listening and sharing!

About 6-8% of all women have endometriosis (source), and many of those experience severe, chronic pelvic pain.  Many of those women will undergo surgery, or multiple surgeries, as our guest expert Melissa Turner did.

Exhausted and frustrated, Melissa turned to dietary changes to see if that could help. She did find relief there, but also found that there was more the solution than obsessing over diet.

Melissa now experiences her cycle with nary a blip on her radar, and she teaches others to do the same at

In this interview, she explains how she developed her REACH method. (She's got a new Endo Wellness Technique program starting soon here.)

Melissa also made an appearance on our youtube channel to take about turmeric.

And she generously wrote a blog for us called, What Few People Will Dare to Tell You About Endometriosis.  Intrigued? Check it out here!

P.S.- Our Hormones: A Women's Wellness Summit is starting April 11, 2016. Registration is now open and the event is free.  The event features 35 experts in the field of female hormones, including Melissa, me, Nicole Jardim, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, Dr. Dan Kalish, and many more. Please join us!


Feb 23, 2016

As a health practitioner and educator, I am very cautious about talking about weight loss. Though I know that many women struggle with weight, I don't like to emphasize the weight aspect of health, or encourage any sort of particular diet to lose weight.

There is one 'style' of weight loss advice I feel good about, and our guest today, Michelle Hastie Thompson, espouses that style, so she got to come on the show!

This style involves self-love and self-awareness.  I am not a proponent of if you have the right mindset, you can eat anything, but I am a proponent of making any changes to our health starts with a healthy mindset.

And this is the truest with weight loss.  If we feel badly about ourselves, and mistrustful of food and our bodies, can cannot have feel good about our weight no matter how much we weigh.

Join Michelle and me as we learn:

  • Why trust is step one to losing weight
  • How you can let go of the fear of weight gain
  • Managing pregnancy weight gain and post-partum weight loss
  • How to cultivate presence, with food and in life
  • Learning to love yourself right now, not when you lose weight
  • Learning to use your intuition about food
  • How excess weight is a gift to learn life lessons
  • How to move into 'ideal weight consciousness'

More about our guest:

Michelle Hastie Thompson is the author of The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less, available on Amazon.  She is also a mind -body health coach Total Body Health Solutions, and was trained at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

She speaks about the struggle with weight from her own experience of being obsessed with exercise and calorie counting, and gaining weight nonetheless.  After she got injured and was laid out on the couch doing nothing, she lost weight.  Confused and intrigued, she started to research.

More about your host:

Bridgit Danner is a women's health educator at Women's Wellness Collaborative, an online resource for education on hormones, and inspiration on healthy lifestyle.

Pick up here free interactive hormone stressor quiz here, and look at other resources available through Women's Wellness Collaborative.

You can support our show's success by writing us a review at iTunes.  Thanks!


Feb 17, 2016

Dr Allan Warshowsky

I was honored to interview Dr. Allan Warshowsky, author of Healing Fibroids: A Doctor’s Guide to a Natural Cure.  Dr. Allan is a pioneer in progressive and integrative care for women's health, doing it long before it was popular, and out of frustration that he couldn't get results for his patients with conventional care.

With his wife Priscilla, he now runs a small wellness practice in Rye, NY, and sees clients from all over the world.


Dr. Allan tells us that 30-70% of women get fibroids, and he estimates that 80% of fibroid surgeries could be avoided.

His approach includes:


  • Reducing inflammation
  • Restoring hormone imbalance
  • Detoxification
  • Gut repair
  • Blood sugar balancing
  • Caster oil packs or poke oil packs
  • Creating connection to fibroids with massage, visualization 
  • Moving into parasympathetic mode of nervous system with meditation, gratitude
  • Dry skin brushing
  • Breast massage
  • Clearing chakra issues
  • Elimination diet- including removing allergenic and GMO

"Being in the moment is the only time to heal and have joy."

Learn how to prevent fibroids, or if you are a good candidate to treat your fibroids naturally!


American Board of Integrative Holistic Physicians

Feb 10, 2016

Dr. Laura Brayton, DC is definitely an expert on holistic care for pregnancy and children, so I'm glad to have her here to answer some of the questions I commonly get from women.

Here are some cool things I learned on the episode:

  • How the prejudge against natural medicine got started, and why it's shifting
  • The best first foods for babies
  • Know the signs that your baby isn't yet ready for solid food
  • How adjustments are safe and beneficial for pregnancy and kids
  • How your pregnancy adjustments also benefit your baby!
  • How your unborn child can benefit from Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique!
  • Her favorite probiotic for kids under 2 (see below)
  • How clean eating isn't enough for detoxification 
  • Why tummy time and crawling cannot be skipped!
  • Why you should get adjustments for a better birth experience and outcome
  • How exactly your breastfeeding baby gets your probiotics
  • How baby's saliva will adjust our breast milk content!


Dr. Laura's site in Hoboken, New York

Search for her podcast, Well-Adjusted Mama, in your podcast player

Site to find a pediatric specialized chiropractor

Klaire Labs Infant Probiotic Formula  


Your host's site, Bridgit Danner / Women's Wellness Collaborative

Feb 2, 2016

Well, this show is a little different.  It's just me talking about me, from before I was conceived to now.  I talk about how I was raised and how it shaped me.  I talk about some of my struggles in health and business, and how I've overcome them (mostly!)

My business mentor challenged me to show more of my personality and tell more of my story, so I figured this was a place to start!

I hope you can find some things in my story that are relatable or helpful for your life and health.  

And I sincerely appreciate you being a listener and member of our community.  If you are not yet subscribed to our newsletter, you can do so on the main page of our site.

You can also join our Podcast Fan Club, which is a private Facebook group where you can share thoughts and questions.

If you are a fan of the show, we'd love for you to share it with an iTunes review.  (You'll need to log in to iTunes to write it.)

Hugs and Health, Bridgit


Jan 27, 2016

Lara Adler is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and an Environmental Toxins Expert, and, let me tell you something, this girl knows her toxins.  Many of us know a thing or two about toxins, but Lara knows everything!

Today we talk about the influence of toxins on fertility and our growing babies. Because developing fetuses are so much more susceptible to the mal-effects of toxins, and because the effects can last a lifetime, it is important that we learn how to protect them as much as is possible.

However this episode is helpful for anyone who is curious about toxins and how to reduce them.  

Tired of having that same old argument with your uncle Ron, with him saying that there is no reason to be worried about RoundUp and food coloring and the like? Now you have some ammunition!

In this episode, we'll learn:

  • That indoor air quality can be 50-100 times worse than outdoors
  • That some chemicals are neurotoxins, especially in developing baby
  • The chemicals are linked to PCOS (leading cause of sub-fertility)
  • The chemicals linked to fertility issues in men
  • How birth defects on boy babies are on the rise
  • That being pregnant detoxes chemicals out of mom and into baby
  • That avoiding BPA is not enough and why
  • And Lara's three best first steps to reduce your toxic load


To learn more about Lara, visit her site here. Lara specializes in teaching practitioners, but will be expanding her offerings to the public over time.  

Jan 19, 2016

Having been in the fertility field a while myself, I really appreciate Dr. Aumatma's lighthearted, compassionate, and inquisitive attitude about fertility.  It is all too easy to get discouraged, melodramatic, etc, and she does none of that.

Trying to get pregnant, and not initially succeeding, is incredibly stressful.  To have someone on your team who is a bright light of hope can be a game changer.

Dr. Aumatma is a naturopathic physician, and her approach to fertility includes the following:


She will, as the case demands, run tests on:

  • Full thyroid panel
  • Food sensitivity test
  • Detox panel
  • Nutrients panel
  • Genomics profile


As our endocrine systems are so sensitive to toxins, and there are so dang many of them out there, detoxification can be vital.


Get nutrients into the body and healing with homeopathics are some of her techniques.


Releasing past traumas and re-learning to be a receptive female again in this man's world are examples of what she can help.

Dr. Aumatma offered a free gift to our community, which is a "How Fertile Am I?" quiz that she will personally review.

If you are needing a little sunshine in your fertility shadow, you've got to listen to this interview below!

Are you subscribed to our podcast yet?  Come on and get in with us (:


Jan 13, 2016

I really enjoyed interviewing Dr. Kim D'Eramo.  For one thing, she is incredibly lively and fun.  For another, it's exciting to think that we have way more ability than we realize to heal ourselves.

She had a career as an emergency room physician, but meanwhile, since her teenage years and her own experience with anxiety, she was learning about how to harness the power of her own thoughts.  Over time, her friends would send their friends with anxiety to Kim to learn about this mind-body stuff that she does.  

She practices, among other things, emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping.

She no longer works in the ER, but has dedicated herself to mind-body medicine, and established the American Institute of Mind-Body Medicine, where she teaches both physicians and individuals how to heal with these simple tools of which we all have access.

So many of my female clients over the years have complained of anxiety.  Some men too, but more often women.  So I looked it up, and here is what the Anxiety and Depression Association of America had to say about it:

From the time a girl reaches puberty until about the age of 50, she is twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as a man. Anxiety disorders also occur earlier in women than in men.
Women are also more likely to have multiple psychiatric disorders during their lifetime than men. The most common to co-occur with anxiety is depression.
Differences in brain chemistry may account for at least part of these differences. The brain system involved in the fight-or-flight response is activated more readily in women and stays activated longer than men, partly as a result of the action of estrogen and progesterone.
The neurotransmitter serotonin may also play a role in responsiveness to stress and anxiety. Some evidence suggests that the female brain does not process serotonin as quickly as the male brain. Recent research has found that women are more sensitive to low levels of corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF), a hormone that organizes stress responses in mammals, making them twice as vulnerable as men to stress-related disorders.

Dr. Kim is offering a series of free videos right now where you can get techniques to use right away to deal with anxiety.  Click HERE to access these videos. What do you have to lose?!

Jan 6, 2016

Dr. Jennifer Mercier is a triple threat: naturopath, massage therapist and midwife.  I kind of fall in love with her work on the episode, as you'll hear!  

It was Jennifer's own experience with stage 4 endometriosis, coupled with her medical training, that helped her develop the Mercier Therapy.

Mercier Therapy is her own system of abdominal therapy that works with the ligaments and organs to move them into alignment with the goals of restoring function and /or reducing pain.

For women, it can help us have a smoother cycle, recover from surgeries, improve our fertility and heal trauma.

I find so many have strange sensations in their abdomens that they worry about. And many have complications form C section or even a natural birth, and feel there are no options to heal.  Still other have unexplained infertility, that can potentially respond to a new approach.

Jennifer works locally in St. Charles, IL, but also trains practitioners in other states and countries.  That means if this type of work speaks to you, you may be able to fidn a practitioner in your area.  And if you are practitioner, training is available.  

Her clinic

Her training program

Find a practitioner

The Mercier Movie

To learn more about your host, Bridgit Danner, please visit us at

We are hosting a free Recipe Party Jan 9 -31. See new blog post to join!


Dec 15, 2015

You can almost guess by her name that Zlata Sushchik has an interesting story.  Immigrating from Russia to Alaska as a teen, and new to the English language, she stumbled into a saving grace when a friend convinced her to join a bodybuilding competition.

She went on the win many titles, and learned a lot about nutrition, fitness and motivation along the way.  She now runs an online coaching business called SexyFit which has helped many women lose weight and feel great in a healthy way.

You can also check out her podcast, where I was a guest on episode #30.

I consider myself a half-way fit person, but I know very little about the best ways to work out in comparison to Zlata.  She shares in this interview a comparison of different work out methods, and some advanced ways to approach your gym work out.

She also shares her views on food, which include not being too rigid, eating whole foods, and avoiding scammy weight loss products.  She has also learned that in order to really get fit and lose weight, you need to identify your 'big why' to keep yourself motivated.

Having burned out her adrenals in the early years of her competition days, she had to cut back on exercise a lot to recover.  So she is well versed in meeting women where they are, and choosing the right exercise for each stage.

I really enjoyed this interview with Zlata, and I know you will too!

For more about your host, Bridgit Danner, please see

Dec 8, 2015

Dr. Lauren Noel

In this fun interview, I talk with Dr. Lauren Noel, aka Dr. Lo, of Shine Natural Medicine in Solana Beach, CA on how to use a primal lifestyle and diet to boost libido.

In our busy modern lives, stress can inhibit our hormone production. Learn how the attributes of a primal / ancestral lifestyle can be brought into your life, and increase your natural sex drive.

Here's a preview:

  • What Dr. Lo considers to be the #1 killer of sex drive
  • How many hours a week cavemen worked (hint: you probably work at least double)
  • What is the best kind of exercise to feel good and increase your libido
  • Is coffee helping or hindering your sex drive?
  • How common is low libido?

Here are some of Lauren's favorite aphrodisiac foods:

  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Oysters
  • Figs
  • Avocado
  • Dark chocolate

You can find out more about Dr. Lo at and pick up her free Tired but Wired ebook.  You can also look find her popular podcast, the Dr. Lo Radio Show, on iTunes or other podcast players.

To find out more about your host, Bridgit Danner, please see  She offers a free Hidden Health Stressors quiz for women there.

Dec 1, 2015


Holly Morello is a mother of three boys, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a certified GAPS diet practitioner.  She is also a project manager for author and health coach Diane San Filippo

As she tried to help her youngest son's health through nutrition, she began to blame herself when outcomes were not as good as expected.  She struggled with how much her family got involved, with public eating settings, and with isolating herself.

She comes clean on this episode about all she went through, and how she came out on the other side.  

She also shares how simply being on a wrong type of diet (a low-fat diet) contributed to the lack of results for her son's health.

In the end she re-connected with her family, her kids actually chose to get on board with dietary changes (more in the healthy fats/ whole foods camp), and her kids' health improved.

She now has a much healthier attitude about food and family and has "ditched the perfectionism."

If you are a parent struggling with how to feed your kids, or being hard on yourself because of your kids' health, please listen in and you won't feel alone.

Learn more about Holly's services at


Nov 24, 2015

Style:  Informational

Dr. Anh Nguyen always wanted to be a pharmacist, and enjoyed many aspects of the work.  But she realized people were just getting on more and more medications, and were never really coming off of them.  

She was curious about how she could help people come off medications safely, and how to use food as medicine instead.  

This led her to study health coaching and functional medicine.  She also got interested in bodybuilding and started to train for competitions.  Meanwhile she was dealing with illness in her family, which led to her own compromised health.

She shares some of her learnings with us on this interview.  Here's what we talk about:

  • How to approach pharmaceuticals in a safer way
  • How pharmaceuticals can cause nutrient depletions
  • How pharmaceuticals can cause thyroid symptoms
  • Which nutritional supplements she recommends to restore thyroid health

and much more.  

Dr. Anh hosts a popular weekly podcast called Food As Medicine that you can find on iTunes or through her website,  

I was her guest on episode 49, talking about Fertility After Age 35.  

Thanks for checking out the show!  If you're not yet subscribed, please take a moment to do so through your podcast player.

You are also welcome to get to know me better at my website,  

Nov 17, 2015

Money has power, and energy.  How do you relate to money?  

Do you label money as good, or bad?

Do you overspend it, only to feel guilty later?

Do you avoid it, never checking your bank account?

Are you afraid of it, that you'll never have enough?

Do you feel worthy of spending money on your health, or your pleasure?

Is money the topic of a lot of arguments with your spouse/partner?

Today's interview is a bit out of the box of what you'd traditionally think of as health care, but I find this too-rarely-discussed subject very important.

Money can be a major source of worry, which can severely affect our health.  Money, or fear of spending it, can affect our health care decisions.  Money is also about the biggest reason that couples fight, which again affects our health and happiness.

I hope you can take a little time to listen to this conversation about money and women with our guest expert Janin Johnston of Fashionable Finance.  Janin is a really sweet and bright woman form Hawaii and she is actually an expert on finance and fashion...which is perhaps the goal of many women!

If you'd like to share anything about how you've learned to manage money in a healthy way, you can do so at our blog.

If you are not yet a part of our Women's Wellness community, sign up for our Hidden Health Stressors quiz on our main page, and you get our latest blogs, videos and interviews every week!

Nov 11, 2015


Low thyroid symptoms are most commonly known to be weight gain, hair loss or cold hands and feet.  Our guest expert today, Dr. Peter Kan, points out that brain symptoms such as brain fog, memory loss and balance issues could also be related to the state of the thyroid.

We also talk about how these 'brain farts' can be early stages of more serious brain disorders later in life, so it's important to address them.

"Thyroid physiology actually starts in the brain."

According to Dr. Kan, the brain needs:  1. fuel (oxygen and glucose) and 2. activation (which comes from movement.)

So the good news is that there is a lot we can do to improve brain health, such as:

  • Use yoga to challenge your brain
  • Learn new skills to activate your brain
  • Drink salted water to increase blood pressure / circulation to brain and body as needed
  • Eat regularly to get fuel your brain.

We talk about some surprising things like:

  • How chronic toenail fungus can indicate poor neural enervation
  • How facial asymmetries could be a sign of a brain issue.

Subscribe on iTunes or your Android podcast player so you get a new expert interview, free, in your hands (and ears) every week!

Dr. Peter Kan is a chiropractic functional neurologist running a clinic called Hope Integrative Wellness Center in Gilbert, Arizona.  He shares many free health videos on his site,

Have you joined our Podcast Fan Club yet?  It's free, and you get private access to me and many of our expert guests.

Nov 3, 2015

Episode style:  Conversational

I got a request for a show about health initiatives in the workplace.  At first I had no idea who to invite, and then I thought of an old friend, Rachel Wagner.

Rachel has been an active person since childhood, and got a graduate degree in Health Promotion within the field of public health.  

Her first job out of graduate school was with a consulting firm to help businesses of all sizes get healthier.  She never pictured herself in corporate wellness, but she learned a lot.

She now runs wellness programs at a local liberal arts college, and finds her busy, young students have many of the same challenges to health as office workers did.

Rachel observed that people were most successful in improving their health when they made small steps.  She also saw that when health initiatives came from within the employee population, those initiatives worked better.  And when there was some kind of community accountability or reward system, that element of fun and togetherness helped people reached their goals.

A big thanks to Rachel for coming on the show, and a big thanks to our subscribers- we love you!

For more information on your host, Bridgit Danner, visit  Be sure to take our Hidden Health Stressors quiz when you're there!



Oct 27, 2015

Dr. Alexis Shields

Content type:  Specific

Migraines headaches have to be one of the worst experiences many women endure.  They can make you cancel important meetings, load up on potent pharmaceuticals, and miss out on life.

Luckily we have today as a guest Dr. Alexis Shields, who throws it down about where migraines come from, how to treat them, and also what we still don't know about them.

She explains that there is a dys-regulation of the electrical system of the brain that precipitates a migraine.  (Did you know that the vascular theory has been disproven??)

Dr. Shields talks about certain foods and food additives that are triggers. (Did you know that left-overs are more apt to cause a migraine??)

She also talks about the underlying factors, such as hormone imbalance, misalignment and more.  (Did you know oversleeping can be a problem??)

She gives specific apps, book and sites she likes, and I'll share a few of those below:

App: Headspace

Site: Yoga Glo

Book:  It Starts with Food

To learn more about Dr. Shields and her online practice, see her site here.

P.S.- I received a listener comment about our last episode not being specific enough, and the main take-away was 'buy the book.'  I can assure we never manipulate content to try to make anyone buy books.  However we have many published authors on the show, and you may occasionally want to buy a book that interests you, as we cannot possibly cover the whole book in 45 minutes.

Next is guest speaking style.  Some speakers and topics lend themselves well to specific information.  Other guests want to tell more of their story, or we have more of a dialogue about a topic.  (Our next episode with Rachel Wagner is more dialogue.)

I try to pace these different types of episodes so you get some variety.  I actually don't know my guest's style until we start the recording!  Not every episode will be for you, but for another listener, it may be their favorite.  

I am experimenting with labeling the episode at the top of the show notes, so you know what is coming.  You can let me know what you think of this, or give me more feedback and guest ideas by joining our podcast fan club here. Please note this private space is for positive and constructive communication only.

Oct 20, 2015

Dr. Jessica Black, ND

Dr. Jessica Black, ND is an experienced clinician and accomplished author.  Her first book, which started as a compilation of the recipe suggestions she was giving to her clients, became very popular.  She has since written a second edition of The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book, as well as a companion version, More Anti-Inflammation Diet Tips and Recipes.

She also co-authored a book about Living with Crohn's and Colitis, and is currently working on books about a blood sugar diet, and then pediatrics.  Somehow in all this she manages to see patients at her clinics in Portland, OR, and McMinnville, OR, raise two daughters, and eat tons a vegetables along the way!

With her varied background, we bounce around a bit, talking about picky eaters and how she's developed a strong plan for controlling blood sugar in her clinic.  But at the core of this conversation is the anti-inflammation diet.

This diet is so important because it prevents and treats so many diseases, from PCOS to joint pain to gastric distress.  Yes, we know there are so many fad diets, but when my clients ask me what diet I promote, I usually say the anti-inflammation diet.  It's safe, and treats the array of diseases caused by inflammation (much of which comes from inflammatory foods.)

Find out the tenets of the anti-inflammation diet at the player below.  To get these interviews delivered right to your phone every week, be sure to search "Womens Wellness Radio" in your podcast player.

Has an anti-inflammation diet helped you? Join in the conversation in the comments field at our blog.

Oct 13, 2015

Today's guest, Hannah Ransom, is a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator in the sympto-thermal method.  

Today we talk about:

  • What is the symptom-thermal method?
  • How can it be used for both conception and birth control?
  • How effective is it?
  • How does it work?
  • How does it compare to other methods of birth control?

Hannah specializes in this system of monitoring your basal body temperature, symptoms and cervical mucus mainly for birth control.  I have used this type of cycle monitoring with my clients more for fertility.  So we have a nice dual set of perspectives that we can share with you.

Many women are interested in natural birth control, but are nervous if it will work. Getting educated can really dispel these worries.

Still other women were on chemical birth control for years, and are now trying to get pregnant. It is time to get to know their cycles and learn their fertile windows, and this is a great jumpstart for some, and a way to fill in some knowledge gaps for others.

So if you are:

  • Thinking of switching your birth control method
  • Are not happy with your current method
  • Are worried about side effects of chemical birth control
  • Are trying to gain more cycle awareness to help your health
  • Are monitoring your cycle in order to get pregnant

This is a great episode for you!  

Find out more about Hannah at

Hannah's course


Oct 6, 2015

Caitlin Weeks blogs at her site,, and is the author of several cooking books, including the paperback cookbook, Mediterranean Paleo Cooking, she co-authored with her husband, Nabil Boumrar and Diane San Filippo.  

Caitlin become a comfort food eater and a sugar and carb addict at a young age.  She lost 80 pounds with Weight Watchers, but was eating processed foods and doing tons of cardio.  

She later became a personal trainer, effectively making weight control a career choice, and got really into strength training.  She continued to experiment with dieting, trying low-fat, then vegetarian.  

With her busy schedule and low-fat, low-protein diet, she wasn't feeling great.  That is when she discovered the Weston A. Price type diet through a nutritionist, and it is also when she found out she had Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

There is a happy ending to this story, but you'll have to listen to find out!  Caitlin and I have a great conversation about her journey, plus about how she and her chef husband concocted the ideas and recipes for Mediterranean Paleo Cooking.  

I think there is a lot of value in sharing our health stories as women.  It is easy to feel alone in your health challenges, and easy to give up for lack of results.  But with persistence and open-mindedness, as Caitlin demonstrates, you can truly find your sweet spot.


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Sep 29, 2015
Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
The Gut Bone's Connected to the Brain Bone...

In this interview with functional medicine expert Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, we talk about the rarely acknowledged gut-brain connection.  With modern research, we are gaining a deeper understanding of how digestion and the gut micro-biome effects the brain, and common symptoms of mood disorder, and poor concentration.

You don't always connect that your:

  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Brain Fog

...are coming from the foods you eat or the damage that has been done to your gut.  When we get into habits of eating on the run, eating processed foods, eating gluten, etc, we may not notice a direct correlation between the meal and the brain symptom.  But in fact the internal inflammatory response could be increasing every time you eat.

Dr. Ritamarie is like a walking encyclopedia of health knowledge, and she is very generous about sharing it.  Here are some things we cover in the interview:

1.  How are the gut and brain connected?

2.  How do we make neurotransmitters and what do they do?

3.  What can go wrong in the gut that leaves us not digesting and absorbing nutrients?

4.  How do we come to have parasites and candida in the gut, and what damage do they do?

5.  What are some of the worst habits/things we do to our guts?

6.  What are a few reparative things we can start doing right away?

Dr. Ritamarie shared some helpful links both to help educate practitioners on this important relationship, and to give everyone more tools to nourish their own gut-brain axis.

Practitioner Gut-Brain Webinar

Gut Health Quiz

Happy Belly Recipe Book

Dr. Ritamarie is offering a live training program in Austin, Texas this Oct 30- Nov.1, 2015.  This will included high-level lectures on gut health and the brain from a variety of top experts.  Learn more here.

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