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Dec 20, 2016

Dr. Yoshi Rahm is an osteopathic physician based in Los Angeles and certified in both Family Medicine as well as Integrative & Holistic Medicine.

In this week’s episode, Dr. Yoshi & I will be talking about MARCoNS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci) and Biofilms.

You will learn:

  1. What MARCoNS and Biofilms are and where they exist in the body
  2. Who has MARCoNS e.g. people with chronic fatigue, immunodeficiency etc.
  3. Ideal tests for MARCoNS
  4. The connection between inflammation & MARCoNS
  5. Symptoms of MARCoNS
  6. Treatment options for MARCoNS (including natural remedies)

To find out more about Dr. Yoshi Rahm and his practice, visit his website and follow him on:





Thanks for listening!

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Dec 13, 2016

Lisa Pomeroy is a traditional naturopath, FDN practitioner, Certified BioIndividual nutritional practitioner and Certified Gluten practitioner.

While studying FDN with her (she was my mentor), she brought up the term "Oxalates" which I was not familiar with. These are compounds in plants and animals. They are not very much known, and as people do their best to eat healthy foods, they do not know that some of those foods are very high in oxalates. And if one has other health issues, these oxalates can accumulate and cause a lot of health problems.

We also talk about:

  1. Sources of oxalates especially from foods
  2. At what point oxalates become an issue in the body
  3. Bacteria in the gut that eat oxalates
  4. Signs of excess oxalates in the body and some of the illnesses or problems they can cause
  5. Strains that help with eating/breaking down oxalates
  6. Nutrients that help control oxalate levels
  7. And so much more…

To learn more about Lisa Pomeroy, visit her website here. You can also follow her on Facebook.


FDN Advanced Training modules for practitioners

Lisa's 1-page handout on oxalates


We are running a quick survey this December to find out more about you, your needs and want you want help with in terms of your health. Click here to take part in the short survey.


Dec 1, 2016

Dr. Justin Marchegiani is a functional medicine practitioner with a private practice in Houston, Texas. He has extensive training in kinesiology, functional medicine, chiropractic medicine, nutrition, chronic infections and blood chemistry.

Today’s episode is about estrogen dominance and we will be talking about the immune system and hormones. We talk about how estrogen dominance can cause immune dysregulations, the branches of the immune system and how they work, what foods/nutrients support them and treating the immune system.

We also talk about:
- Why the immune system matters and the difference between women and men's systems. 
- Exposure to chemicals
- Causes of estrogen dominance
- Symptoms of estrogen dominance including PMS, cramping, breast tenderness, moodiness, back pain, excessive menstruation and migraines
- The reason why so many women have increased frequency of autoimmune conditions
- The working of TH1 & TH2
- How to boost/regulate the immune system and herbs to take to boost TH1 and TH2
- Inflammation and other hormones that affect the immune system

To learn more about hormone balance, visit Justin's website here. You can also follow him on Facebook and on his YouTube account.

Thanks for listening!
Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women’s Wellness Collaborative

Nov 24, 2016

Erin Knight is a migraine & headache specialist. She helps people suffering from migraines determine what is holding them back and plan concrete steps to break through to feeling great.

From the time she was a little kid, Erin had a desire to help people. At one time during a family vacation is Spain, her mum was stuck in the hotel room for 3 days because of migraines and Erin felt frustrated because she couldn't do anything to help her. In high school she had migraines 4-5 times per week. She was inspired by her grandfather and was fascinated on how we could impact our bodies with chemistry. After high school she went into pharmaceutical engineering.

At 27 Erin’s body started to break down! Other than the migraines, she started having auto-immune issues, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and digestive issues. She didn't want to spend the rest of her life feeling like that! Soon she discovered functional medicine which aligned so well with her as an engineer because it addresses the root causes of body issues. She dived into it and soon her migraines went away, her energy was back, she was no-longer sensitive to things like bright lights, thunderstorms and just loved this new sense of freedom she felt.

Wanting to help others, Erin went ahead and put together a 4 step plan called “The Migraine Freedom Plan”.

"About 1 to 7 people globally suffer from migraines, and 3/4 of those are women." Erin Knight

In this episode, we talk about:

  1. What migraines are and what causes them
  2. The different symptoms of migraines
  3. The connection between stress, inflammation and migraines
  4. Supplements and dosages to help with migraines including magnesium and B-vitamins
  5. What to look for when getting supplements
  6. Tips to manage migraines
  7. The 4-step Migraine Freedom Plan

To learn more about Erin Knight, you can find her on her website here. You can also follow her on:



Also, if you would like to learn more about what could be going on in your body, Erin offers a free 5-min hormone balance quick-check to see if the migraines you’re experiencing could be related to a hormonal imbalance.

Thanks for listening.

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative.

Nov 16, 2016

Today's guest Rich Jacobs is a great classic example of functional medicine in practice.

Rich Jacobs was a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 8 years. He studied physiology, anatomy and movement before getting into functional medicine. He got into functional medicine after he got really sick and found himself in a state of fatigue, allergy to most foods, bloating, insomnia, depression and low libido. His doctor said everything looked good despite not feeling well and was advised to try using Viagra while at 35 years old. 

Not satisfied, he went online and did research to help himself and got directed to functional medicine. He started with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) and went through their educational program. He also had a mentor who used the program on him to help him get better. They found that he had stage 3 adrenal dysfunction and gut bacteria and other issues that were causing all the problems. They fixed them and Jacobs learnt how to help other people. That was four years ago. He's continued with his education through The Institute for Functional Medicine and The Kalish Institute Mentorship Program he's currently enrolled in now.

We talk about Rich Jacob's process on how he uncovers the root causes of hormonal imbalances and how they can be corrected. We also talk about:

  • The big 5: weight gain, depression, fatigue/insomnia, gut issues and female hormone imbalances. 
  • Interconnection between female hormone imbalances and other issues like PMS, skin issues, gut issues
  • What’s normal about PMS and dealing vs eliminating PMS; some quick tips for PMS like making dietary changes, managing stress, getting adequate quality sleep and hydration and blood sugar control
  • Menopause and balancing hormone stressors
  • Some of the root causes of hormonal imbalances like emotional stress, dietary stress and internal inflammation
  • Rich Jacobs' own experience in healing his gut and adrenal glands and the supplements he used and lifestyle changes he made
  • Effects of sing too much antibiotics especially growing up

To learn more about Rich Jacobs, you can find him on his website here, where you can also sign up for his free eBook and get more tips on how to increase energy and reduce fatigue.

Follow Rich Jacobs on:


Thanks for listening.

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative.

Nov 13, 2016


Justina Thompson is a Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) coach and is our last guest for Fertility Week. She took a 2-year certification program with Sarah Naomi Bly and has successfully been using FAM to prevent pregnancy for 7 years. It is a natural birth control method free from side effects.

She learnt more about the importance of FAM for couples trying to get pregnant  during her 2 years training and while in internship.  A large portion of her training involved understanding how hormones work for the female body from the scientific level.  The focus for the program was to support hormonal health with lifestyle, nutrition and environmental factors.

Couples are often told by their doctors that unless they’ve been trying to conceive for more than 12 months, then they should keep trying which kind of leaves them in the dark. But with FAM and other types of charting like the BBT, which is very popular, the method targets the time when the woman is most fertile and more capable of conceiving.

In this episode, Justina talks about:

  1. Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and how it works
  2. Signs of fertility in women - cervical fluid, BBT charting and cervical position
  3. Factors that trigger early or late ovulation
  4. Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs)
  5. Common problems and frustrations in charting

If you want to learn more about Justina Thompson, click here to visit her website.

You can also follow her on:




We put all of Justina's information together in a handy sheet, print-able for you. You can get a copy by using the button below:

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PS: I'm going to do a webinar called "Perfect Periods for Fertility" this coming Wednesday Nov.16 at 4.00 PM Pacific Time. So be sure to mark it on your calendar and join me.

Thanks for listening!

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Nov 12, 2016


Our guest today is Stephanie Risinger, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and host of the "Holistic Fertility & Wellness Podcast" . The podcast is geared around providing information to women about their holistic options for improving fertility as well as providing support for the emotional and relationship challenges that tend to come along when dealing with fertility challenges. The podcast came about as a result of Stephanie’s personal and professional experiences.

Today we're talking about managing some of the emotions associated with fertility. I was on Stephanie's podcast some time back and you can listen to it here.

In this episode, we’re talking discussing:

  1. How our emotions are connected to one another
  2. Our beliefs and emotions
  3. Why it’s important to feel emotions
  4. Healthy ways to experience emotions
  5. Tips for recurring negative thoughts
  6. Importance of self-care

When we compare we miss out on the little things we can be joyful of even when things are hard. You are perfect just as you are.

To learn more about Stephanie Risinger, click here to visit her website. You can also follow her on:





We put all of Stephanie's information together in a handy sheet, print-able for you. You can get a copy by using the button below:

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Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Nov 11, 2016


Caroline Zwickson is a fertility coach originally from Germany and has been living in the US for 16 years. She holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology and studied dreams, imaginations, and how to help people cultivate awareness for that and integrate it into their lives in order to create more wholeness. She did her Masters’ thesis on women and mind-body connection and looked into how women experience emotions like fear, joy and anger in their bodies, and how they can use the body to work with those emotions.

After graduating she slowly made her way into life coaching because she was passionate about helping people figure out not only why they're stuck but also what they can do about it, taking that future oriented outlook of life and really thinking about life in a positive way. Her focus in the coaching world is to help women create a fertile life; prepare them for a healthy pregnancy.

She had hormonal imbalances after coming out of the birth control pill and this experience made her dive deeply into women's hormones. She figured out a natural and holistic way to heal her hormone imbalances. The positive effects she experienced made her want to help other women.  

In this podcast we’re talking about:

  1. Nutrition and balancing hormones
  2. Our thoughts and their effects on our bodies
  3. Movement and exercise
  4. The luteal phase and blood sugar balance
  5. Supplements
  6. Diet and food sources

To learn more about Caroline Zwickson, click here to visit her website.

You can also follow her on:




We put all of Caroline's information together in a handy sheet, print-able for you. You can get a copy by using the button below:

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Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Nov 10, 2016


Heidi Brockmyre is a fertility expert and acupuncturist and has been practicing for over 8 years. She runs a fertility acupuncture clinic in San Diego and has created an online program to teach women how to use Chinese medicine tools at home.

In this episode, we talk about:
1.    Principles of Chinese medicine
2.    Difference between acupuncture and acupressure
3.    Tools to help bring body imbalances back into balance
4.    Protocols Heidi teaches in her online program
5.    Connection between sperm quality and miscarriages
6.    Case studies of women who conceived naturally despite being told they couldn’t by their doctors

To learn more about Heidi Brockmyre, you can find her on her website and follow her on:

We put all of Heidi's information together in a handy sheet, print-able for you. You can get a copy by using the button below:

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3 Step Instant Fertility Boost (Meditation + Exercise + Acupressure

Nov 9, 2016


Our speaker today!  I'm so excited to share with you my expertise on sperm and egg.  

There are many factors threatening the health of our sperm and eggs: radiation, toxins, inflammation, oxidation, and more.  I encourage you to learn the foundational habits to protect your sperm and egg and ensure your fertility.

Even if you've been told you have low sperm count or 'old eggs' there is still much you can do to increase your pregnancy odds!

We also talk about:

1.       Diet for optimal egg and sperm quality

2.       Combating stress when dealing with infertility

3.       Exercise for fertility

4.       Supplements to improve egg and sperm quality

We put all of the information I shared in this interview in a handy sheet, print-able for you. You can get a copy by using the button below:

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Thanks for listening!
Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Nov 7, 2016


Sarah Clark is a certified life coach with accreditation from the International Coaches Federation and a health coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  At 28 years old, she was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and accepted the diagnosis and had both of her kids through IVF. Years later she realized the root cause of her infertility was food intolerance.

Later, while working in HR, she took life and health coaching courses because she was bringing coaching to the corporate environment and found out how food affects the body. She learnt that she had food sensitivity and changed her diet and lifestyle, and in a few months her health began to improve.

Sarah Clark is the author of Fabulously Fertile: Supercharge Your Fertility Naturally, a fertility cookbook for couples struggling with infertility.

In this episode, we talk about:

  1. What happens to our body when we eat food we are intolerant to?
  2. Tests for food sensitivity/intolerance e.g. Ige test, Igg test, MRT test, ALCAT test
  3. Involvement of male partners in fertility
  4. Restoring/healing a damaged system after eating some foods for years
  5. Gut healing foods and her recommendation for probiotics
  6. Some tips for home cooking
  7. Which kind of fish to eat for fertility
  8. The connection between gluten and premature ovarian failure 

Sarah Clark’s Resources:

  1. Free 3-Day Fertility Diet Challenge
  2. Fab Fertilie Support Group on Facebook
  3. A recently launched Free Guided fertility Visualization download


We put all of Sarah Clark's information together in a handy sheet, print-able for you. You can get a copy by using the button below:

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Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative.

Nov 7, 2016

Welcome to the first day of Fertility Week.

Our first speaker is Dr. Anna Cabeca, an OB/GYN from Georgia. She studied obstetrics and gynecology at an osteopathic medical school and took on holistic treatment approaches of empowering the body to heal itself. 

Dr. Cabeca was diagnosed with premature infertility, premature ovarian failure, early menopause and irreversible infertility. She was told by her doctors that the only way she'd have a child was a chance with egg donation.

"Post-traumatic stress, chronic stress, daily stress, environmental toxins, toxic relationships and physical disease can all impair our fertility."

She traveled a lot and started using maca while in Peru and later created her product Mighty Maca. 

In this episode we talk about:
-    The 7 keys to fertility
-    Detoxification
-    Managing through setbacks and losses
-    Diet to improve chances of getting pregnant
-    Women and hormones past the age of 35

Dr. Cabeca is giving away free gifts to our community, and you can find them here.

These juicy gifts include:  

  • The Super Secret Hormone, Do You Have Enough? (Online Quiz)
  • $10 of Mighty Maca greens powder (her own formulation!)

To get a PDF hand-out on the contents of this show, use this button:

Click Here to Get the Guide  

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Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative.

Oct 20, 2016

Brodie Welch is a licensed acupuncturist and has been treating women with Chinese medicine for 13 years. She fell in love with Chinese medicine while in massage therapy school and took Shiatsu class.

In this episode we talk about:

1.       The challenges women face and how she helps them slow down and restore their yang
2.       The connection between the nervous system and breadth
3.       Acupuncture herbs and the acupuncture needle and how the needles connect to the body's intelligence/electrical system causing a profound state of relaxation
4.       The connection between stress hormones and sex hormones
5.       The connection between the kidney and liver; the liver blood nourishing the kidney; congested liver and cleansing
6.       How acupuncture can help women with fertility, menopause, painful periods and irregular cycles
7.       Tongue diagnosis and how the same principles can be used with menstruation
8.       Abhyanga - a practice from Ayurveda that involves warm oil massage and although sounds super simple it can be for wonderful for hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia and settling the nervous system  
9.       How to find a qualified acupuncturist who is competent or specialized in women's health

Brodie’s Resources:

Basics of Chinese Medicine: Your Inner Ecosystem

Free 5-Minute Breathing Break

Brodie has her own podcast and has developed online programs based on Chinese medicine. You can find out more about her from her website and on social media:


Thanks for listening.

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative.

PS: From Nov. 07-13, we will be having a special week on the podcast and our community called Fertility Week. This is a week on the specialty sub-topic of fertility. We will have an interview every day on the podcast by a fertility expert and we'll also have daily raffles. You can access it on the podcast but if you'd like to get a special download every day and be added to the raffles, we would love for you to sign up here.

Once you register you'll get a welcome email and as the Fertility week starts you'll get an email everyday talking about the day's events and raffles. It's going to be a lot of fun so make sure to sign up and invite anyone who you think could benefit from the talks.

I will also be selling my two fertility kindle books during the Fertility Week for $0.99

Oct 18, 2016

Dr. Susanne Bennett is a chiropractic physician and has worked with thousands of clients. She previously worked in chiropractic sports medicine for 5 years until her son was born with a lot of ailments and allergies. She changed her gears and area of practice to find the root causes of his complications. She ended up writing the book “The 7 Day Allergy Makeover”.  

5 years ago she had an accident and had traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Her pituitary gland was squeezing down her blood flow to the master gland in the brain. She had Panhypopituitarism. She was chronically fatigued and later found out that her mitochondria were damaged.

On this podcast Dr. Bennett will be talking about mitochondria, which are part of every cell of the body. They energize the cells and have a very unique role. They can be damaged in a unique way and repaired in a very unique way as well. A lot of diseases that involve fatigue, autoimmunity, nerves system issues or diseases of aging are associated with damage to the mitochondria.

We talk about:

  1. What is mitochondria and how they look like
  2. Functions of mitochondria in the body
  3. Effects of mitochondria damage including sarcopenia/atrophy
  4. Acute and chronic inflammation
  5. How the mitochondria get damaged and causes of impairment
  6. Foods that impair the mitochondria
  7. How older women can rejuvenate their eggs
  8. And so much more

Dr. Susanne Bennett is also the author of a book on mitochondria Mighty Mito: Power Up Your Mitochondria for Boundless Energy, Laser Sharp Mental Focus and a Powerful Vibrant Body.

To learn more about Dr. Susanne Bennett, you can find her on her website and on social media:




YouTube channel  


Thanks for listening.

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative.

Oct 10, 2016

Our guest this week is Cammi Balleck. She is a naturopath and a previous guest of Women's Wellness Radio. She returns to the show to talk about weight loss and hormones.

Cammi believes that diet and exercise are not enough. When treating patients, she looks at the entire hormone system.

In this episode, we talk about hormonal imbalances and the next steps to take if you have been doing everything right but can’t lose weight. We also talk about:

- Estrogen and progesterone ratio balance.

- Hormonal birth control and hormonal creams

- Cortisol (stress hormone). Belly fat can be linked to high levels of cortisol

- Insulin resistance and its association with weight loss

- Benefits of adaptive exercises and yoga, Pilates, meditation and others that do not involve high levels of activity

- Testosterone and its functions in the body.

- Leptin, also known as the weight loss hormone.

- Inflammation

- Neurotransmitter hormone – Serotonin.

- Epstein–Barr virus and how it can affect hormones.

- Tips to help in weight loss

You can learn more about Cammi Balleck on her website. She has a blog and you can find an article she wrote "Is Your Body Resistant to Weight Loss?".

You can buy a hormone test kit from her website and she will provide free results evaluation after you take the test. 

Oct 10, 2016

Our guest this week is Sophia Gushee, a mother of three. She has collected several books to guide her in taking care of her babies. One day she read that there are some cancer causing and hormone disrupting chemicals in some baby bottle nipples. She researched further and found legitimate concerns but was disappointed when she couldn’t find any alternative options for the baby bottles.

She became really passionate about spreading awareness and informing others so that they can make healthier choices. She ended up organizing all her 8 years of research into the book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures.

"There is a lot I do individually as a mother but there's even more we can do collectively as a community." Sophia Gushee

This is a great interview especially if you're trying to conceive or you have young children. We talk about:

1.       Chemical explosion. 84,000 chemicals have been introduced into American commerce and less than 1% have been tested for safety. By Oct. 2015, only 5 chemicals could be regulated by the EPA. These show up in our lives as really useful products like shower curtains, toys and so many things and they create value and benefit.

2.       Regulation of chemicals, the EPA, and the Toxic Substances Control Act, which went into effect in 1976. It was sufficiently protecting public health and was just updated a few months ago.

3.       Sources of chemicals in our daily lives

4.       Endocrine disrupting chemicals

5.       Effects of toxic exposure -  these may not be seen immediately

6.       Products to avoid due to toxicity and which ones to use

7.       Chemical filtration options

8.       Diet and organic food eating – the dirty dozen and the clean 15

Sophia recently started a podcast series where she shares her continued discoveries about how to live a practical non-toxic life.

To learn more about Sophia Gushee, you can find her on her website and on social media:




YouTube channel

Thanks for listening.

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative.

Oct 3, 2016

Our topic this week on the Women's Wellness Radio is adrenal health. Our guest is Kelly Graham, a nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP) who works with patients to bring them back to the basics, that is guiding them on nutrient dense foods and providing good recommendations on supplementation.

Growing up, Kelly's gut health started going down in her late teenage years. She also had amalgam/mercury filings which negatively affected her health. She worked as a chef and on many occasions worked till late which was chaotic to her body! She had excess weight, her lymph glands were frequently swelling, and was constantly feeling tired even after sleeping for almost 12 hours! She was misdiagnosed and told that she had hypothyroidism and possibly Hashimotos while in fact she had adrenal fatigue.

In this episode we talk about:

  1. How one's eating environment when growing up can affect gut health
  2. Adrenal glands - what they are,what they do, how to find them (where they are located)
  3. Adrenal hormones and their functions including cortisol,sex hormones like DHEA, pregnenolone,progesterone, and testosterone
  4. Taking hormones - when there are low levels in the body

Kelly also talks about symptoms to look out for like:

1. Feeling overwhelmed - having a hard time making decisions, constipation, diarrhea, low sex drive, low blood sugar, mental fog
2. Increased cravings for some foods e.g sugary and salty foods
3. Difficulty getting started in the morning
4. Sleeping for many hours but still feel exhausted

Listen to this podcast to get some tips on recovering from adrenal deficiency like the importance of quality sleep, good dieting, body shaming and so much more.

For more resources on adrenal health and adrenal fatigue from Kelly Graham, you can find her on:

Facebook Page
Facebook Group

Thanks for listening.

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative.

Sep 15, 2016

Josh Gitalis is a clinical nutritionist and functional medicine specialist from Toronto, Canada. He teaches practitioners and treats clients one-on-one using food as a basis.

In this podcast we talk about:

- Hormone testing for women

- Genetic makeup and factors affecting it

- Different types of tests available

- Therapeutic foods for PMS

- Benefits of testing early

- Hormonal detoxification

- Food consumption

And so much more

You can connect with Josh on his website. He provides a number of courses for practitioners and health enthusiasts and you can find more information on his website.

You can also follow him on:






Thanks for listening!

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Sep 13, 2016

Our guest this week is Dr. Tom O'Bryan, a specialist in Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivities. He has been in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years and is the author of the book "The Autoimmune Fix". In this podcast, Tom tells us why he wrote the book and shares some freebies.

He will talk about his own personal experience at the age of 47 when he had an autoimmunity test. He had what he thought was perfect health and at the top of his game. He'll tell us what he found out and the changes he made to fix the problem. 

We will talk also about antibodies and the importance of going for tests early to prevent elevated antibodies which eventually cause autoimmune diseases months or years later. Dr. Tom will explain to us what the Positive Predictive Value (PPV) test refers to, effects of toxins on women’s hormones, why women are more prone to autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities, testing options and the 3 biggest triggers to autoimmunity.

Dr. Tom O'Bryan's book is currently on pre-sale on Amazon until Sep 20, meaning that you'll get it 40% off. And for being a listener on Women's Wellness Radio, you'll get credit to buy nutritional formulas on his website. Simply send your receipt as proof of purchase to

Click here to get the book.

We put all of Dr. Tom O'Bryan's information together in a handy sheet, print-able for you. You can get a copy by using the button below:

Click Here to Get the Guide

Click here to get Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s handout “The Conundrum of Gluten Sensitivity and Autoimmunity—Why Tests Are Often Wrong,” which explains why so many people do blood tests looking for sensitivity to wheat and they come back normal. Yet they wonder why whenever they don't eat wheat they feel better.

Thanks for listening.

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Sep 7, 2016

Robyn SrigleyOur guest this week is Robyn Srigley, a holistic nutritionist and women’s holistic health coach. She works with women with hormonal dysfunctions.

Robyn studied at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition,and decided to change her diet. After some months she was constantly moody and this affected her relationships. During one lecture she learnt about the effects of the birth control pill and decided to stop using it. Her moodiness got worse, she missed her periods for 3-4 months at a time, and had acne breakouts. A year later she was diagnosed with PCOS.

During puberty, Robyn had a lot of acne on her face and in high school a doctor put her on accutane, a popular drug for people with deep painful acne. It worked and her acne went away but 6 months later it came back. She was put on antibiotics and lots of topical treatments and chemicals but none of them helped. She went back to using accutane, but six months later when she stopped using it the acne came back. She later learnt that the acne was connected to PCOS after she was diagnosed with the problem.

Through her journey with  PCOS, she decided to use her knowledge and experience to help other women going through similar problems.

In this episode Robyn talks about the hormones involved in PCOS and hormonal imbalances, the relationship between insulin levels with acne and PCOS, Chinese face mapping, symptoms of PCOS, product suggestions and her recommendations on how to balance hormones. 

We put all of Robyn's information together in a handy sheet, print-able for you. You can get a copy by using the button below:

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Thanks for listening!

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Aug 22, 2016

Kiran Krishnan

Kiran Krishnan is a Microbiologist and has over 20 years experience in the probiotics industry. He is trained in Microbiology and Biochemistry and worked in several companies developing health products. He left academic research and opened his own clinical research organization and now focuses on carrying out clinical research on the various nutritional products produced by different companies.

Kiran's journey on probiotics started about 12 years ago when he was hired by a large company to research on the probiotics market. He found out that most probiotic products in the market had been created based on presumptions from decades ago on what the microbiome was like.

In this episode we will talk about the microbiome and Kiran will introduce us to the term holobiome. We will talk about good and bad bacteria in the gut, how the body gets out of microbiome balance, diet as well as supplements. We will discuss in detail about a probiotic product he developed in his lab and talk about its possible side effects for patients with certain disorders like candida/yeast infection.


I think it's likely you'll have questions about your own experience after listening to this episode. I hope you can jon Kiran and I on this free, live webinar this Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 12 PM PST, 3 PM EST.  Register here


If you are interested in ordering MegaSpore supplement, you can do so here, by entering the code WWC.  Important: these are prescription grade supplements, so if you have questions before taking them or as you take them, please contact me at

Note: International shipping requires a special request by email. You can use this contact page: Internataional shipping outside the US will be at a different rate for product and shipping. They do not guarantee your package delivery. Unfortunately getting supplements through customs can be an issue. I am also currently setting up a UK/ EU account to make purchases in Europe easier. Thank you and I will update as this becomes available!


We put all Kiran's information together in a handy sheet, print-able for you. You can get a copy by using the button below:

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Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative


Aug 17, 2016

Jen BroylesOur guest this week is Jen Broyles, a health coach specializing in digestive health. In this show we will talk about gut health and how to heal a damaged gut.

Jen Broyles struggled with digestive problems including IBS for 10 years, and after seeing many doctors and doing numerous tests without getting answers decided to leave pharmaceutical sales and go into school to study nutrition.

She talks about among other things how to eat better and take care of gut health, the benefit of listening to your body and giving your gut a break by cutting out some of the foods you've been eating.

Jen Broyles also talks about the different diet protocols designed for gut health and gut healing and finding the right one for you. 

She also gives her recommendations on some books on the SCD and GAPS diets, types of self care activities to engage in, recommendations on essential oils for digestive support and supplements to take to aid in digestion. 

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You can learn more about Jen Broyles through her website.

You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Aug 4, 2016

Megan WroeMegan Wroe is a registered dietitian based in California specializing in Pediatric care. She became a dietitian after her sister was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and later fell in love with pediatrics. She holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Cal Poly Pomona.

Megan talks about some of the common issues she sees with patients like:

  • Introducing infants to solid foods after 6 months
  • Obesity/ Overweight/ Underweight and failure to thrive
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Picky eating among kids (can be due to lack of knowledge or related to sensory disorders like autism)
  • Kids with GI issues like IBS, gluten intolerance, constipation, diarrhea and EOE 
  • Hormonal issues among teenage girls like PCOS

Megan Wroe helps young parents who don't know what to feed their babies. She talks about her approach to the above kids' issues, the critical window for food/sensory development and the best time to introduce new foods.

"My philosophy with kids is first of all that it starts with the parents. I do a lot of division of responsibility, teaching parents that if they provide balanced meals and have consistent meal time routines, then their kids will follow suit."

We also discuss:

  1. How parents influence their kids' taste buds and choice of food
  2. How to introduce new food through food chaining and food play
  3. Involving kids in meal planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation
  4. The influence of birth method (whether C-section or vaginal birth) to kids' picky eating.
  5. The importance of teaching kids what not to eat especially if they have certain conditions or allergies. Remind them which foods can cause certain effects like stomach aches and allergies they experienced earlier.

To learn more about Megan Wroe, visit her website at Personal RD.

You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Jul 27, 2016

Dr. Ann Shippy

Our guest this week is Dr. Ann Shippy, MD, and we talk about mold toxicity and her approach to treating it.

Dr. Shippy is a former Chemical Engineer at IBM. She got sick and became frustrated that traditional medicine wasn't able to solve her health ailments. She sought possibilities on how to heal her body and decided to go to Medical school.

She attended University of Texas Medical School and now has a thriving practice in Austin, Texas. She combines traditional medicine testing and functional testing to treat her patients. 

In this interview we talk about:

  • How long she has been practising
  • How she got into treating mold 
  • Symptoms of mold toxicity
  • What other ailments she treats in her clinic
  • Who she treats (and the ages of her patients)
  • And so much more

Dr Shippy's educational background:

  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified in Functional Medicine
  • Doctorate in Medicine – University of Texas
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering – Washington University
  • Master of Science in Engineering – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

She is also the author of two books:

  1. Mold Toxicity Workbook: Assess your Environment & Create a Recovery Plan
  2. Shippy Paleo Essentials: A Medical Blueprint for Health

She is on a tireless mission to create a world of wellness where every life matters.

To learn more about her, visit her site here

Jul 20, 2016

I had a really amazing conversation with author and addiction counselor, Roy Nelson. Roy came from humble and violent beginnings. He joined the military and married at a young age.  Though he went on to have success in business, he was plagued by phobias, panic attacks and disordered eating.

He sought out help from psychologists to no avail. He finally had a breakdown/ breakthrough that gave him the realization that the source of his pain and suffering was feeling a separation from spirit.

For the next many years he sought out teachers and resources that help him reconnect with spirit. He found that when this connection was intact, disordered behaviors fell away.  Eventually people started coming to Roy and asking for help. He has spent the last 30 years helping others to overcome their own addictions.

"Disordered thinking leads to disordered living which leads to disordered eating." Roy Nelson

Even if you don't suffer from disordered eating or addictions, I think you will enjoy this interview.  

"This episode is really about the deep underlying thing that causes pain and fear in our lives." Bridgit Danner

Roy shares some things you can start to do right away to quiet your own anxieties.

Find out more about Roy's program for addiction here.

Find his book, Love Notes from Hell, here.


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